Eco-Friendly Yet Stylish Clothing - Trend Of Green Fashion

Eco-Friendly Yet Stylish Clothing - Trend Of Green Fashion


August 10, 2010 : To shape up the plans to produce more eco-friendly clothing, 100 apparel brands of repute have collaborated with retailers.

Eco Index, a high-end software tool to measure the carbon footprint of clothes, has resulted from this collaboration. The Outdoor Retailer Expo that is going to be held in Salt Lake City, Ohio this month will witness the launch of this first carbon footprint measurement tool. This new venture is expected to promote the ongoing green movement in the world of fashion.

However, the retailers are under the conception that it is style that steals the show. How would they be benefitted if the eco-friendly clothes are not trendy and do not sell.

Really, it is the style that matters most with customers. Sabrina Millington, an 18-year-old New York student, says that the concept of eco-friendly clothing piques her interest. She adds that she would definitely be buying such clothes if they are trendy and cater to her taste.

The Eco Index will help the fashion conscious youngsters like Millington to buy sustainable yet trendy clothes from retailers. Here lies the success of the venture that the eco-minded designers have embarked on.

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