Drug cartel tries to sniff business in New Year, Delhi police go for a hunt

Drug cartel tries to sniff business in New Year, Delhi police go for a hunt

Drug cartel tries to sniff business in New Year, Delhi police go for a hunt.(IANS Infographics)

By Zafar Abbas New Delhi, Dec 20 (IANS) The new year is approaching. Though the pandemic is going to leave its scar on the celebration but the narcotics cartel has already sniffed the business possibilities in the hostile situation. Recently the cartel tried to flush in Rave party drug enroute to Bengaluru but was caught off guard of New Delhi railway station police in December. When the arrest was made it came to light that 10.5 kilograms of Amphetamine also known as Ice, which is a rave party drug, worth Rs. 10.5 crore in international market was being carried to Bengaluru for the rave parties on the eve of New Year. Interestingly, it was found that a foreigner has collaborated with an Indian national to supply the contraband drug. In this case, a Nigerian national identified as Chima Vitalis (40) and one Indian woman Srimathi (25) were arrested. The recovered material was being taken to Bengaluru to be supplied in the Rave parties in the forthcoming New Year. Meanwhile, the Delhi police commissioner too emphasised on creating awareness against the drug use and the need for society to come up against the menace. "It is very important to crush the network from the supply chain to drug dealers to curtail the menace. It is a collective fight and the society should also come forward to fight against drugs. Awareness is the key," S.N. Shrivastava, Delhi Police Commissioner, said. So, is it like a special drive is carried out on occasions like New year or some festivals where the Delhi police intensifies its action against the drug cartel? "Not like a drive but we have been always acting against organised crime. Meanwhile our major focus is on liquor, Drugs and Gambling. Good thing is we are getting a lot of success in it," Shrivastava added. Odisha is one of the leading ganja (cannabis) producing states in India. Also, multiple ganja trafficking networks are operating between Andhra-Odisha border and various other states. "We are also working with states like Odisha and Andhra Pradesh where ganja is believed to be cultivated. We are getting full cooperation from these states," Shrivastava said. Uptil November, 695 cases under NDPS Act have been registered. A total of 844 persons have been arrested by Delhi police. The total seizure of Charas has been approximately 24 kilograms, opium 29 kilograms, ganja 4,205 kilograms, Heroin 85 kilograms, Poppy head 699 kilograms and Cocaine 1 kilograms. While approximately 220 kilogarms of Tremadol has been seized and 12,500 kilograms of Alprazolam has been seized and Amphetamine approximately 7 kilograms till November this year. The Delhi police is also trying to bring awareness against the drug use by various means of advertising ahead of the New Year.

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