Decoding fashion game of The Archies

Decoding fashion game of The Archies


New Delhi, Dec 17 (IANSlife) The Archies' is one film that spotlights fashion like no other, set against the backdrop of the 1960s, is influenced by swinging 1960s hippies, The Beatles, and Mod culture. The patterns, frills, and body-fitting styles of that era were well-known. The Archies breathe new life into vintage looks by drawing inspiration from the funky disco era.

For Archies Andrews:

The classic boy-next-door is shown wearing his varsity jacket, a classic representation of high school attractiveness. Wear it with sneakers and blue jeans for a carefree, athletic look.

For Betty Cooper:

Team a pastel sweater with a knee-length skirt and saddle shoes to embodieve the ideal combination of sophistication and whimsy. To finish the look, choose ponytails and headbands.

For Veronica Lodge:

Veronica is the definition of refinement; her wardrobe consists of expensive and opulent items. Imagine preppy skirts and coats with fur trimmings. To radiate glitz, go for expensive purses and pearl jewellery.

For Jughead Jones:

Put on his signature S-shaped shirt and crown beanie to embody the carefree and casually stylish character. To show off Jughead's carefree flair, pair it with jeans and a denim jacket.

For Reggie Mantle:

Known for his preppy yet slightly riskier wardrobe selections, you may pull off his style by wearing a patterned sweater or a jacket with vivid stripes. Put your hair up in a sleek, wicked style to accentuate its allure.

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