CWIFF breaking free from mainstream conventions

CWIFF breaking free from mainstream conventions


N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

New Delhi, July 28 (IANSlife) Cinema of the World International Film Festival (CWIFF) serves as a vital platform for independent filmmakers and groups, elevating awareness of the diverse range of films being created worldwide. Beyond the festival experience, CWIFF also facilitates global learning and exchange, encouraging filmmakers to glean insights from their peers across borders.

The 10th edition of the Cinema World International Film Festival, which is taking place from September 29th to 30th, 2023 promises to be a celebration of outstanding international cinema, fostering cultural exchange and unity through the universal language of films. Filmmakers, cinema enthusiasts, and audiences alike are invited to join this unique cinematic experience.

In an interaction with Parlav Chaudhary, Founder, of CWIFF, he reveals how the platform seeks out undiscovered cinematic gems from around the world directly to the audience.

How does CWIFF bring diversity to the filmmaking industry?

PC: Exposure to the unknown world opens the imagination of the one who’s exposed. Once the box is expanded, it becomes easier for the filmmakers to blend emotions and experiences into this new world they are exposed to, bringing surprise and excitement to their community. Networking opportunities also foster collaboration, breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive, interconnected film industry.

Plans for the 10th edition of the festival and how it will be different from the previous 9th festivals

PC:  For our 10th edition, our goal remains to reach new audiences, but with a fresh twist. This season, we will feature a contest between past winners from the previous 9 years and recent winners. However, the essence of the festival remains unchanged - to showcase films and promote storytelling as an art form. A significant development for CWIFF is the introduction of educational initiatives to teach the importance of storytelling

Exploring the Global Tapestry: Cinema of the World International Film Festival

PC:  Exploring the Global Tapestry: Cinema of the World International Film Festival (CWIFF) stands out by breaking free from mainstream conventions. The festival actively seeks out undiscovered cinematic gems from around the world, bringing them into the spotlight. By curating a diverse selection of films, CWIFF provides a platform for these hidden visual treasures to find their audience. Each new visual masterpiece showcased at the festival becomes an opportunity to ignite the imagination of its viewers, taking them on unforgettable journeys through unexplored stories and perspectives.

How are film festivals important in celebrating artistry & diversity?

PC:  Film festivals play a crucial role in celebrating artistry and diversity. They provide a platform to honor both the art and the artists behind it. CWIFF, for instance, brings together entertainment and learning, creating a joyful celebration. By showcasing diverse films, the festival highlights unique perspectives and cultures, fostering appreciation and understanding among audiences. This celebration of art and diversity promotes creativity, supports filmmakers, and enriches the global film community.

How is Independent cinema adopting innovative survival strategies?

PC:  Independent cinema faces its share of challenges, just like any other industry. However, it perseveres through its ups and downs. Despite changes in filmmakers, the art of filmmaking endures. While OTT platforms may impact content consumption, the demand for quality content remains high, especially with the rise of social movements. To survive and thrive, independent filmmakers are adopting innovative strategies, such as crowdfunding, creative collaborations, and leveraging digital platforms to reach wider audiences. These approaches enable them to continue producing meaningful and impactful films, meeting the growing expectations of viewers while maintaining artistic integrity.’The Chosen’ web-series is one such amazing example.

Reasons Indian independent cinema deserves recognition.

PC:  Indian independent cinema deserves recognition for its diverse stories and perspectives often overlooked in mainstream films. 1500-2000 films are made yearly in India, but only a few make it to theaters or platforms. International festivals offer some recognition, but others struggle. Creating a dedicated platform for Indian independent cinema, like a dedicated time slot by the likes of PVR, would give all these unique films the recognition they deserve, encouraging creativity and growth. Acclaimed films like "Court," "The Lunchbox," and "Ship of Theseus" exemplify the talent and potential, warranting more support.

Independent film: A genre that is facing slow death or re-emerging art form?

PC:  Independent films are not facing a slow death; they are a resilient art form that continues to exist alongside mainstream productions. They cannot be boycotted or replaced since they represent a diverse range of stories. However, without a strong commercial unit, such as a popular actor, these films may find it challenging to reach general audiences. However, the rise of OTT channels has offered a new avenue for independent films to gain recognition based on their content rather than purely commercial factors. This shift values the artistry and storytelling in independent cinema, indicating a potential re-emergence and appreciation for this genre.

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