Cow strolls in IIT-B classroom; panel set up to probe

Cow strolls in IIT-B classroom; panel set up to probe

Mumbai: A full-grown stray cow strolled inside a lecture hall at IIT-B, last week, apparently to shelter from the heavy rain. IIT Bombay officials have said they are making inquiries before issuing a statement. Meanwhile a video of the incident, which reportedly took place last Saturday, has gone viral. (Photo: IANS)

Mumbai, July 29 (IANS) A video of a stray cow entering a lecture hall at the IIT-Bombay campus has gone viral, embarrassing the authorities at the country's premier institute of learning, here on Monday. When contacted, an IIT-B spokesperson said it was not clear from the undated video when or where the incident occurred. The institute would enquire about it before commenting, he said. Stunned by the sharp reactions the incident evoked on social media, the IIT-B on Monday said it had set up a committee "to look into the human versus animal conflict issue on the campus". The committee will consult Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), non-government organizations (NGOs) and animal experts before taking remedial steps. Students in a first-floor lecture hall were surprised and amused to see a bewildered white cow with dark spots and medium horns gallivanting into the classroom, entering from one side and walking out of the door on the other. Some students, who were taking a test, got up and tried to shoo away the cow, but she took her own time to leave, without creating any fuss. According to students, the incident happened last Saturday when it was raining heavily in Mumbai. The cow might have entered the building for shelter, but unwittingly strayed inside the lecture hall, they felt. Last fortnight, a student was injured when a couple of stray bulls attacked him on the campus. The BMC did come, but removed only two bulls from outside the IIT-B gate. The incident triggered a storm on the social media. "I am a cow and I am here to teach you moooooo-ology", said one. A medico said, "Cow entering IIT-B without clearing JEE Advanced??" "How did a cow get into IIT-B without clearing JEE Advanced? Maybe she is from Kota where you don't breath air, you breath Entrance Exam", said another. Another one added: "The cow cleared in through GATE only. Fare Enough. What's the problem here?" There was another comment: "IIT-B is so polluted that the cow decided to oxygenate it with its fresh air. Being the anti-nationalists they are, the crows tried to shoot it away. Can we kill them already for disrespecting the cow?" The 550-acre lush green IIT-B campus, bordering the Powai Lake, is known to harbor a variety of creatures, including snakes, monkeys, langurs, and a variety of birds and insects. Besides the stray cattle, a leopard had recently taken refuge from rain in the compound of one of the buildings. There are a few crocodiles in the adjoining Powai Lake, but officials shrug it off as 'no great deal'.

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