Cong performed poorly in Assembly polls at four states, say exit polls

Cong performed poorly in Assembly polls at four states, say exit polls


New Delhi, April 30 (IANS) Sonia Gandhi-led Congress performance in all the four states -- West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Assam -- where Assembly polls took place remained bad, according to exit polls. In West Bengal, the C-Voter survey predicted 14 to 15 seats to Congress A and Left combined where as Chanakya gave them eight seats. The Axis survey gave two seats to them and CNX gave between 11 to 21 seats. In 2016 Assembly elections in the state, Left + Congress had cornered 76 seats. In Assam, C-Voter predicted 53-66 seats to Congress led UPA, Chanakya has between 47 to 65 seats. Axis and CNX in its survey gave 40 to 50 seats. In Tamil Nadu, DMK and Congress alliance is forming government however Congress was only allocated 25 a total of 234 Assembly constituencies. The C-Voter survey shows that DMK-led alliance is projected to secure 160 to 172 seats in the state. The incumbent AIADMK- led alliance is expected to be restricted to 58 to 70 seats in the state. While the Axis exit poll shows that DMK+ should get 175-195 seats and the AIDMK+ to contend with 38 to 54 seats. Chanakya predicted 164 to 186 seats of DMK and Congress Aand 46-48 seats to AIDMK. The CNX predicted 160-170 seats to DMK and Congress and 58 to 68 seats AIDMK. In Kerala, it's a straight forward electoral battle between the incumbent Pinarayi Vijayan led Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the Congress Aled United Democratic Front (UDF). According to the exit polls, the ruling LDF expected to retain the southern state of Kerala and thus buck the trend of defeating the incumbent every electoral cycle. Kerala went to the polls on April 6 to elect 140 legislators. According to the C-Voter survey 71-77 seats to the LDF and the UDF to secure 62-68 seats. While the Axis survey shows 104-120 to LDF and 20-36 to UDF. The CNX predicted 72-80 seats to LDF and 58-64 seats UDF. Chankya survey shows 93-111 seats to LDF and 26-44 seats to UDF. All the exit polls has predicted TMC's Mamata Banerjee having a hurricane edge that could make her retain power for the third time in West Bengal. While the BJP led-NDA to be key player in the state giving a robust challenge to the TMC. The DMK led by MK Stalin is all set to sweep Tamil Nadu. The LDF is expected to retain power in Kerala breaking the cyclic nature of the state. The BJP is being tipped to retain power in Assam and also taking Puducherry from the Congress. If the exit polls are to hold on the result day it will be a relief for the BJP with party doing exceptionally well in West Bengal, retaining power in Assam and winning Puducherry. While the Congress will have a lot to worry about as they could not win Assam and in Kerala, now the home state of Rahul Gandhi who is a Lok Sabha MP from the state, his party could not make a comeback.

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