Comfort, good quality most important for me: Harbhajan

Comfort, good quality most important for me: Harbhajan

Comfort, good quality most important for me: Harbhajan.

BY PUJA GUPTA New Delhi, Nov 18 (IANS) Indian cricketers are loved and followed not just for their performance on the ground, their uber cool fashion game, unique style and fitness too catch the fancy of many. One among them is veteran Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh who has been giving major fashion and fitness goals. IANSlife got candid with the attack-minded bowler who shares about his fashion choices, fitness regime and more. Read excerpts: 1. What is your fashion mantra? Feel good and be good. We often don't realize that what we wear reflects our personality and mood as well. Hence, comfort is of utmost importance. With sustainability being the need of the hour, good quality also has become of prime importance for me. Personally speaking, I like to flaunt a tinge of 'chic' in my looks often. 2. How do you like to dress on an ordinary day? I like to be in comfortable loungers and t-shirt when chilling at home. And while going out, like I said I like to add a whiff of style as conversation starter. 3. What is your fitness regime? Being a sportsperson, I am naturally inclined towards fitness and like to regularly keep myself involved in workouts and meditation. This is what I've been trained in and just a simple high protein diet is perfect to compliment my regime. 4. Your fitness travel essentials? I prefer to travel light, so I try to keep minimal stuff in my travelling bag. For me, just a pair of running shoes and a sipper is enough to keep myself fit. 5. As a sportsperson, being fit is very important. But people tend to lose motivation soon. How do you motivate yourself? Fortunately for me, my motivation comes from within. The urge to keep fit and active is always burning in me so that keeps me going. Though in today's time and lifestyle, it is important for even a non-sportsperson to incorporate some exercise/activity in daily routine. It is not just about physically fit but also about being active and healthy. 6. How would you rate yourself when it comes to fitness? (Laughs) Well, there's always scope for improvement, I believe. So, maybe a little less than full marks. (Puja Gupta can be contacted at

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