Class 8 student aims to light his path to entrepreneurial success

Class 8 student aims to light his path to entrepreneurial success

Led maker boy.

Gorakhpur (UP), Oct 30 (IANS) Amar Prajapati is aged just 14, and is a Class 8 student. Nothing unusual, one may say. But what sets him apart from his peers is his strong entrepreneurial streak that led him to start a LED-manufacturing company at an age when most youngsters are grappling with academic and other issues. "During the nationwide lockdown, I came to know about the growing number of unemployed people in our country. In the meantime, I read in a newspaper about a training program in LED-making organised by the Gorakhpur Industrial Development Authority. I wished to join the training program and my father Ramesh Prajapati agreed to it," said the youngster. Amar said he completed his training in the manufacture of LED (light emitting diode), and soon after started his own enterprise under the guidance of his mother. He has since employed four staff in his fledgling firm, and dreams of launching an entire range of electronic appliances in the future. "I started making LED lights at home, and also hired a few persons for assistance. But since it was difficult to work from home due to space constraints, my father offered to support me financially as well. An investment of around Rs 2 lakh helped set up my manufacturing company Jeevan Prakash Industries. My mother Suman became its director," he said. The teenager said: "It is my dream to replace cheap Chinese electronic products with Indian products. I want to launch an entire range of electronic appliances, including mobile phones." After attending online classes, Amar said, he dedicates time to his company. He has also created his company's website and now plans to sell his product online also. Amar's father Ramesh, a government employee, said that he was proud of his son for his entrepreneurial zeal.

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