'Canada-based terrorist Arsh Dalla communicated with Indian gangsters via Botim App'

'Canada-based terrorist Arsh Dalla communicated with Indian gangsters via Botim App'


Atul Krishan 

New Delhi, Aug 13 (IANS) The Special Cell of Delhi Police has learned that Canada-based terrorist Arshdeep Singh a.k.a. Arsh Dalla, and others used the Botim app to connect with their aides in India.

A source told IANS that they use this app to communicate with their associates.

Sources also revealed that Dalla hacked the Facebook ID of a Punjab-based girl, which he used to connect with Indian gangsters, namely Neeraj Bawana, Lawrence Bishnoi, the Bambiha gang, and their aides.

The source mentioned that two gangsters, Sunny Dagar and Jagjit a.k.a. Jassa, were in touch with Dalla.

During the investigation, the police learned that although Dalla is said to be based in Canada, he uses IP addresses from the Philippines and Pakistan.

"Jagjit Singh a.k.a. Jagga was in constant touch with terrorist Arshdeep Singh a.k.a. Arsh Dalla. The police learned that Dalla had directed him to carry out a significant operation. Later, the role of Sunny Dagar a.k.a. Vikram also came to the fore as he was also in touch with Dalla. Both were already in judicial custody in other criminal cases," the source said.

"Dagar and Jassa both knew that Dalla was a terrorist but they willingly joined his terrorist group, Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF). Dagar was tasked with raising funds for the gang, and Jassa was tasked with target killing," the source further said.

The source stated that Dalla told Dagar that he needed money for KTF.

In exchange for raising funds, Dagar was promised the most modern weapons and a minimum share in each deal.

In a few months, Jassa turned into a blind supporter of Khalistan after he came into contact with a person named Baljinder Singh Balli.

The Bambiha gang directed Jassa to contact Dalla.

Jassa was then tasked by Dalla to kill Amit Arora, Shiv Sena Vice President of Punjab, and Gursimran Singh Mand, National Joint Coordinator of All India Congress Committee, and President of the International Anti Khalistani Terrorist Front, in exchange for Rs 2 crore.

However, Jassa, who was out on bail, was apprehended by the Delhi Police.

"Dalla is said to be based in Canada, but the IP addresses of his social media accounts suggest that he is either hiding or using accounts from the Philippines. Dalla also hacked the Facebook ID of a Punjab-based girl to spread his ideology," the source said.

The source said Jassa was also in touch with Pakistan-based individual Sohail and ISI.

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