"BJP-Shiv Sena moving ahead with same ideology": Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde's son

"BJP-Shiv Sena moving ahead with same ideology": Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde's son


SUMMARY : Hrikant Shinde urged BJP-Shiv Sena to avoid commenting on each other and work together to take Maharashtra forward. Shrikant Shinde resigned due to rift between NCP and Congress, blaming them for ignoring Bala Saheb's ideologies and removing Veer Savarkar lessons.

Thane (Maharashtra) [India], June 18 (ANI): Shrikant Shinde, Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde's son on Sunday said that both parties are "moving ahead with the same ideology" and should avoid commenting on each other.
Addressing the Shiv Sena workers in his constituency Kalyan, Thane, on Saturday, Shrikant said, "Whatever policies the public need, this government has served them that. We (BJP-Shiv Sena) are moving ahead with the same ideology. We should not comment on one another. Even if someone is saying something, we should be patient". He had earlier resigned from his post following a rift between local Bharatiya Janata Party leaders and those of the Shiv Sena. He alleged that there are some leaders who are trying to create obstacles for BJP-Shiv Sena for their "selfish politics."
The MP said, "We have made an alliance not in the hope of any post or ministership, but to take Maharashtra ahead. We should have a grip on our emotions and work together."
Earlier, a rift had occurred between the workers of both parties in the Kalyan constituency following a molestation case registered against BJP leader Nandu Joshi. The local BJP leaders protested against it stating that the FIR had been filed at the behest of the Shiv Sena leaders for political gains. After the rift emerged, Shrikant Shinde announced his resignation.
Shinde added, "When we were working together, we saw we were doing a great job in Kalyan. It will be for the good of our department and the state if we work unitedly".
Taking a jab at the Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) alliance, he lamented over the merger of the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and Congress with the then Shiv Sena.
"Our workers were in poor condition instead of the fact that the Chief Minister belonged to our party. We had brushed aside Bala Saheb's ideologies. In order to form an alliance, the party with which we had an alliance (NCP and Congress), about that party, Bala Saheb had once said, If I ever need to form an alliance with them, I will shut down my shop. In order to gain power and post, we kept aside our ideologies," he said.
The leader also castigated the Congress party, "See what they have done after coming to power in Karnataka. They removed the lessons related to Veer Savarkar. I want to ask the ones who are standing with Congress in the MVA. Is this valid? I do not know whether my words are reaching their ears or not since they have not been here for a few days."(ANI)

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