Bipasha urges stars to do issue-based films for free

Bipasha urges stars to do issue-based films for free


Bipasha Basu, who was just seen in Lamhaa and is now getting ready to do a film on honor killings, feels issue-based films should be made with small budgets to make them "commercially viable" and stars shouldn't charge any fee to work in them.

"Don't charge any money for working in such (issue-based) films. It's the only way to make issue-based films commercially viable," said Bipasha, whose Lamhaa dealt with the problems in Kashmir. But it couldn't earn enough profits at the box-office.

"After Lamhaa, I am tempted to tell a committed filmmaker like Rahul Dholakia to make out-and-out commercial films. Or if you make a film on a social issue then make sure it doesn't go over-budget.

"It's shameful that Lamhaa was so costly. If it was made for Rs. 4 crore, it would have been a hit. When a mainstream actor does a film on a social cause, it should be done free of cost as a sign of commitment to society," she added.

The actress has signed another issued-based film titled Aakrosh about honor killings. She plays a schoolteacher in a tradition-bound village and wonders how audiences would react to the movie.

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