Big diplomatic win for India in EU Parliament

Big diplomatic win for India in EU Parliament

EU Parlaiment

BY AARTI TIKOO SINGH New Delhi, Jan 29 (IANS) In a diplomatic victory for India, there will be no voting on the resolution on CAA in the European Parliament on Thursday. Official sources said Indian lobbyists prevailed over Pakistani lobbyists in the European Parliament on Wednesday, turning around the situation in favour of India. The resolutions against India were pushed by Pakistan-origin British member of European Parliament Shaffaq Mohammad, close to the Imran Khan establishment in Islamabad. "Strenuous efforts of outgoing British MEP, Shaffaq Mohammad to have a Resolution passed by the European Parliament against India on the penultimate day before Brexit were defeated," a source said. The Narendra Modi government has maintained that the CAA is an internal matter to India and has been adopted through a due process and democratic means. "We expect that our perspectives in this matter will be understood by all objective and fair-minded MEPs," a source said.

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