Anupam Kher to host television quiz show to increase awareness about India

Anupam Kher to host television quiz show to increase awareness about India


New Delhi, Feb 3 : Amid a preponderence of television reality shows hosted by Bollywood stars that cater to voyeuristic instincts of viewers, veteran actor Anupam Kher has chosen to tread a "different" path by hosting a quiz show that seeks to enhance awareness among the people about India's rich heritage and traditions

Kher will host on Star Plus from February 13 the quiz show 'Discover India with Anupam Kher' that aims at increasing awareness and knowledge on India.

Launched, in association with Bajaj Allianz Life insurance company, as a unique and innovative way to encourage future generations to unravel the rich heritage of India in a fun filled learning format, 'Discover India with Anupam Kher' will reach out to over 10 lakh children across the country.

Addressing a press conference to announce the launch of the show, the Bollywood actor said among the plethora of reality shows on TV today which either cater to the voyeuristic instincts of viewers or providing them cheap thrills, he chose rather to host this quiz show as it helps people know about the greatness of the country.

''Discover India with Anupam Kher' is a show that helps us know about the greatness of the country- what makes us tick. At a time when reality shows are about who is spying on his girlfriend, a show like 'Discover India' comes as a breath of fresh air, aiming rather to help people discover the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the country.

''The richness of this country is unbelieveable, something which I realised while doing the show. Also, unlike in foreign countries, we in India do not have a sense of preservation. This is why I feel discovering India through this show makes one feel excited at our ruch heritage,'' Kher said.

The actor said it was important to know what makes India tick.

''While doing the show, we found that although Indian History, Geography and culture are part of the school curriculum, children often are unaware of basic facts about India. Through 'Discover India with Anupam Kher', we attempt to test and improve knowledge on our country not only among the youngsters, but across age groups through the quiz show. It has a great sense of fun,'' the actor said.

Speaking on the occasion, the head of marketing at Bajaj Allianz, Akshay Mehrotra said over 36,500 children across 100 schools have participated in the first phase of the show. In the second phase, 3.5 lakh students across 700 schools will be participating which is to be compeleted by September. Another six lakh students across 1,200 schools will participate in the third phase, to be completed by February next year.

The show is in the format of a quiz show based on India comprising multiple choice questions on the culture, history and geography of India. The participants are evaluated on an individual basis on the number of correct answers and speed of response using a hi-tech audience response system.

The selection process for the quiz was held in 100 schools in 10 cities, targeting over 36,500 students in the age group of eight to 14 years. The students were given a set of 20 multiple choice questions, which were to be responded to on the Audience Response System device.

The top two students from every school, who were selected on the basis of maximum correct answers and speed, competed in a city quiz round, followed by a regional quiz round conducted in the North, East, West and South zones of India.

The winner in each phase will be awarded Rs 5 lakh from Bajaj Allianz. The first runners up stands to win Rs 2 lakh and Rs 1 lakh for the second runner up.

'Bajaj Allianz Discover India with Anupam Kher' will be aired exclusively on Star Plus during prime time TV viewing hours in the weekend. The show comprises a series of eight episodes starting from February 13, every Sunday at 12 noon.

The eight episodes starting with Quarter final rounds culminate in a finale on national television.

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