Anamika Khanna delivers couture chic at FDCI Hyundai India Couture Week

Anamika Khanna delivers couture chic at FDCI Hyundai India Couture Week


Tanya Banon

New Delhi, July 31 (IANSlife) When one attends an Anamika Khanna presentation, one expects to see couture at its best, with fashionable silhouettes, sexy styles, impeccable construction and contemporary chic ensembles; this time around it was all that and more. 

Her collection in her own words is, "about love, freedom and a personal collaboration with art, those moments where there was time, enough. Enough to sense, to feel the emotions of love and anguish, each piece intensely expressing the need to show, cherish and demand gentleness, strength and compassion,"

The ode to love finds expression in feminine styles, with burnished silver and gold metallics, mostly antiquated, jewel tones emeralds and pearls, pastel pink and blue, ivory’s and black’s. The collection represents her love for everything Indian in its modernity, the “Khinkhab brocade”, the zardozi, the textures, hand embroideries married with structured draping, impeccable tailoring, and fluidity. Motifs include little hearts and bows and the eventual bird of love, the swan.

Rimzim Dadu presented an effortlessly stylish collection at the ongoing FDCI Hyundai India Couture Week in association with Reliance Brands at DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Bollywood starlet Ananya Panday was the showstopper for the designer dressed in a gold ensemble which featured a buster and a skirt in gold. The youth icon looked stunning in the ensemble. The collection is inspired by traditional Indian crafts and weaves, reimagined in a contemporary context.  While the highlight remains the designer's signature textural forms from techniques,  mesh and lace present a softer side. Bold architectural forms were delicately balanced with fluidity.

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