'Adipurush' makers change Bajrang's 'tere baapka' line to 'tere Lanka ka'

'Adipurush' makers change Bajrang's 'tere baapka' line to 'tere Lanka ka'


Mumbai, June 21 (IANS) The Prabhas and Kriti Sanon-starrer 'Adipurush' has stirred controversy over dialogues, which has been termed as "tapori". However, the makers as promised, have now changed the controversial lines in the film.
The dialogue in contention was by Bajrang (Hanuman) played by Devdatta Nage during the Lanka Dahan scene.
The lines were: "Kapda tere baap ka, tel tere baap ka, aag bhi tere baap ki, aur jalegi bhi tere baap ki."
However, the lines have now been changed in the new prints that have come.
From "baap", the words have now been changed to "Lanka".
A viewer took to Twitter, where he shared a clip from the new prints, which sounds:
"Kapda teri Lanka ka, tel teri Lanka ka, aag bhi teri Lanka ki, aur jalegi bhi teri Lanka hi."
'Adipurush' is inspired by the Hindu epic Ramayana. The film is directed by Om Raut.
It stars Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Saif Ali Khan, Sunny Singh and Devdutta Nage. It released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada last week on June 16.

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