A fruitful monsoon diet!

A fruitful monsoon diet!

A fruitful monsoon diet!.

BY PUJA GUPTA New Delhi, Aug 3 (IANSlife) Monsoon demands some extra effort to stay fit and healthy. Since our immunity takes a dip during monsoons, making us susceptible to all kinds of infections. Especially amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, it's imperative we maintain our immunity through the seasonal changes. Fruits loaded with vitamins, minerals, and varieties of nutrients have always been the traditional go-to immunity boosters. Like mangoes and summers are synonymous, there are seasonal monsoon fruits that are downright hard to resist. Not only do they suit your taste buds, but are also rich in Vitamins to keep your immunity intact. Kimaye Health - INI Farms shares a few you can chomp on this season! Pomegranates - Favored for their thick peels that keep the fruit from any external damage, pomegranates shine in the wealth of the nutrition. A fruit loaded with antioxidants and a plethora of other health benefits much needed by the body during monsoons. They say 'the way to a person's heart is through his stomach' and what other than Pomegranates can do it better? The sweet arils are a perfect mouthwatering substitute for desserts, add them to your daily diet, and you are sure to be pomegrateful! Bananas - Bananas are often referred to as the 'Nutritional Powerhouse'. They provide you with the right amount of carbs for the energy your body needs. Did you know that 10 percent of your daily fiber requirement comes from a Banana? So say hello to a happier belly with a Banana a day and your body will thank you a bunch later! Apples - 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' never gets old. Apples are rich in flavonoids called quercetin, which is proven to significantly improve the immunity of the body against infections. Have a few slices of Apples, and skip your trip to the doctor! Pear - Did you know that Pear is not only nutrient-dense but also low in calories? Yes, one Pear constitutes up to 12 percent of daily vitamin C value. It is also high in fiber, which makes the fruit an excellent snack for those looking to shed some weight. Sounds Pearfect, doesn't it? Jamun & Cherries - These are the seasonal delights we all look forward to for their sweet tender taste. Jamun & Cherries are rich in antioxidants and we bet you can't stop munching on just a handful of them. So don't forget to wash them thoroughly before consuming - rather place them in lukewarm water to get rid of the harmful germs. Monsoons can be all fun and cozy, but they can also bring along infections. So, go ahead stock up on these fruits to keep your immunity up and running and don't let them dampen your 'fruit spirits'.

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