A culinary journey through the age-old traditions of Tiruchirappalli

A culinary journey through the age-old traditions of Tiruchirappalli

A culinary journey through the age-old traditions of Tiruchirappalli.(photo:IANSLIFE)

By Siddhi Jain New Delhi, Aug 31 (IANSlife) A range of flavours and delicacies inspired by Tiruchirappalli, the land of culture and traditions, is set to come to town at a 13 day-long culinary symphony "Treasures of Trichy" at The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi. As part of the food festival, spices and flavours from the Tiruchirappalli region will take centrestage at their all-day dining restaurant from September 3-15. The food festival will witness a showcase of traditional dishes with an elaborate menu celebrating the cuisine; curated by Chef Vijayakumar, who brings alive timeless authentic South Indian recipes from his homeland -- the vibrant city of Tiruchirappalli. Lying along the banks of River Cauvery, this ancient city soaked in spirituality and history is full of diverse and flavourful treasures. According to the hotel, the southern chef will be recreating simplistic yet heavenly homely recipes perfected and passed on by generations; recipes restricted to the homes in the interiors of the region and untapped by people outside of those places. "The cuisine has been influenced by the various regimes that have ruled this area over the centuries and an amazing blend of fragrant spicy dishes has emerged from the melee. Majority of the dishes are rice-based, with this locality being known as the rice bowl of Tamil Nadu. Aside from that, coconut also plays an important role in the cuisine of Trichy." Chef Anurudh Khanna, Multi Property Executive Chef for The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi and The Westin Sohna Resort and Spa says: "With its rich cultural heritage, the food from Tiruchirappalli is full of flavours that are a melange of delicately balanced spices on your palate. The cuisine from this region is known for its aromatic, flavourful and sometimes spicy food. Chef Vijayakumar, born and brought up in Trichy -- brings with him a deep understanding of the use of regionally differentiated ingredients and spices which will lend an authentic taste to the menu. He looks forward to crafting the perfect Trichy meal which will leave our guests spoilt for choice." The traditional non-vegetarian signature dishes at the festival will include Kozhi Malli Peralan (Chicken Coriander dry roast), Mutton Sukha (Mutton Roast), Meen Polichathu (Fish Fry), Eral Kal Varuval (Spicy Prawns), Kozhi Varuval (Fried Chicken Curry) and much more. For the vegetarian palate, there will be dishes like Vazhaipoo Vadai (Banana Flower & Lentil Vada), Urlai Roast (Marinated Baby Potatoes Dry roasted), Enni Kathirikkai (Eggplant Curry), Maravali Masiyal (Tapioca Masala), Paal Katti Melagu (Paneer Curry) etc.; accompanied by steaming fluffy Idlis, Lemon rice along with live Kaal Dosa counter. Flavour packed Vellarikka (cucumber), Beetroot and Vendakal (Okra) pachadis will add a zesty punch to the palate. The traditional Seviyaan Payasam and rich Rava Kesari will be a befitting end to the meal. This festival promises an unmatched experience of delving into the gastronomic delights that Tiruchirappalli has to offer.

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