56.4% 'very satisfied' with BJP, 70% will re-elect Modi PM

56.4% 'very satisfied' with BJP, 70% will re-elect Modi PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (File Photo: IANS)

New Delhi, Jan 27 (IANS) In what will be music to the current dispemnsation's ears, 56.4 per cent of respondents in the IANS-CVoter 'State of the Nation' Republic Day survey said they are "very much satisfied" with the BJP-led Central government, while an emphatic 62.3 per cent say the same about Prime Minister Narendra Modi. As per the survey, released on Sunday, 70 per cent respondents said they are ready to re-elect him if they can do so directly. These findings come out at a time when the nation is facing intermittent protests against legislation like Citizenship Amendment Act, which, at certain places, took a violent turn. Not only 56.4 per cent Indian said they are "very much satisfied" with the Modi-led Central government, 23.8 per cent said they are "satisfied to some extent" and only 19.8 per cent said they are "not at all satisfied". Interestingly, the northeast continues to remain the BJP's domain with a massive 82.1 per cent, saying they are 'very satisfied' with the BJP-led central government while its national average is 56.4 per cent. Even non BJP states like Chhattisgarh gives a 60.1 per cent approval rating for BJP. But states like Tamil Nadu and Puducherry remains averse to BJP at Centre with the the latter championing the anti-BJP stance and only 3.9 per cent said they are "very much satisfied" with it. The IANS-CVoter State of the Nation survey findings reinstate a fact that brand Modi outshines brand BJP. While just 56.4 per cent say they are "very much satisfied" with the BJP, a whopping 62.3% say the same about Modi and 20.9 per cent Indians say they are "satisfied to some extent". Only 16.8 per cent Indians have registered their disaffection towards him, according to the survey. The northeast threw its maximum weight behind Modi with 83.7 per cent approval ratings. But surprisingly, the next in line is a non-BJP-ruled state Odisha where 79.5 per cent of the respondents from the state said they are "very much satisfied" with Modi as PM. Though Puducherry was averse towards the BJP, 53 per cent of the state said they are pretty happy with PM Modi. But it was Tamil Nadu where he got minimum backing from with just 24.1 per cent respondents from the state backing him. To a question on "If you are given a chance to directly elect the Prime Minister of India; whom would you prefer to elect between Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi as the PM of India?", 70 per cent chose Modi with again the highest backing came from a non-BJP state -- Odisha, with 88.9 per cent of respondents giving a thumbs up to that question. In what can be a good news for the BJP, 82.2 per cent of respondents from Bihar, which goes to the polls later this year, said they would elect Modi as PM. But only 13.7 per cent in Puducherry will exercise this option. Meanwhile, just 25.4 per cent across India said they would elect Rahul Gandhi as PM and 4.7 per cent said none. Conducted with a sample size of 30,240 people spread across all 543 Lok Sabha seats, the survey was conducted in 12 weeks till January 25.

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