Project your personality with perfumes

A perfume is a projection of an individual’s personality. Not only are they an essential part of being fashionable, they also pronounce every ounce of your personality. Combined with human scent, perfumes create an individual fragrance – one for every person in the universe.

Putting on perfumes is something that should be done carefully. When you have got the scent you have been looking for, wear it on an unscented part of your body. The easier way to know if the perfume suits you would be to buy a tester, and if you feel right about it, go ahead and buy the fragrance. Perfumes, if rubbed, lose their original fragrance and may end up smelling different. So just spray your perfumes five inches away from your body directly on to your skin.
Another repeatedly made mistake is we spray perfumes directly on to our clothes. Since perfumes are made of various chemicals, these end up not only leaving stains on your clothes but also smell different because of the mixed smells of the textile and perfume. Sometimes we buy a perfume because we think it will last long. This is a common mistake we all make. While wearing a perfume, make sure that you wear it on your pulse points like wrists and neck. Any perfume can smell bad, or if worn in abundance can bother others around you.
Putting on a perfume after a shower makes it last longer as the pores of your skin are open and they soak up the fragrance easily. However, care should be taken of not applying deodorizing soaps on the area where you apply perfumes; the mixture of the fragrances may not be pleasant.
When you have to apply perfumes to evening parties or functions, make sure these are strong. During the day choose something light like a citrus fragrance. If you have dry a skin, you will need to apply fragrances more often than those who have an oily skin. To combat this problem, use a fragrance-free moisturizer generously before you apply your favorite perfume for a lasting effect. While leaving home make sure that you have put on a perfume 10 minutes before you leave.
It is important that one smells right because like Christian Dior says: “A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” Remember, choosing the right perfume is no different than finding a perfect soul mate. It is all about trusting your first instincts. So when you decide to choose your perfume, always remember this basic rule – investment on perfumes is an investment on your personality. It is very important that you wear what defines you the best and to wear it right.
Always remember that perfumes are the signature and your way of conveying your style and taste to the world. Go on, smell nice, and tell the world you have arrived.

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