Problems that arise with their solutions in marriages with non-resident Indians

By Priti Joshi
Marriage with an Indian living abroad is seen as a bright future for the family in Indian society.
The number of inhabitants going abroad from India day by day has increased and with that NRI marriage with Indians has been increasing as well. Because of which problems are being raised from such marriages. Complicated questions arise as the law during such marriage is not only the Indian law but also foreign and international law is being considered. So such Marriages are more risky because after marrying a woman moves to the country thousands of miles from her home and goes to an unknown country, where the language, local lack of knowledge of police and legal practice, lack of support from friends and family and fast Financial assistance not available as well as lack of affordable accommodation in time and many such problems are faced.
Marriage with Indians living abroad is not only seen as a bright future for the married women but also for the entire family. Such an opportunity of building potential future of
their daughter, the families become impatient and thus forgets to check the general conventional matters required before fixing the marriage so misses or overlooks it.
Absence of inquiring enough and due to lack of information from both sides, expectations
are not fulfilled and consequently there is a breakdown in marriage.

What are the mandatory things needed to adapt before settling in
another country?

The language of the country, Food, culture, lifestyle, time-zone difference, Home sickness,
environment, financial-social act and medical facilities and health Oriented Insurance, Etc.
should be taken care well in advance.

Basic points to keep vigilance:
1) Do not fix anything for marriage by only phone or email.
2) Don’t blindly trust an intermediary like agent, broker or marriage bureau.
3) Do not get ready to make any forged documents for any reason.
4) Don’t get married with promises like getting green card after marriage.
5) Never make hasty decisions.
6) Do not accept the proposal to go and get married in another country
7) Marital status of a person living abroad i.e Whether the person is single, divorced or
widowed is to be checked.
8) Employment related details: Qualification and Designation, Salary, Office Address, Name
of Owner and information about eligibility etc. must be obtained
9) Immigration related status, type of visa, abroad residence and eligibility as husband and
10) Financial status, wealth, Residential address
11) Whether he has committed any crime in the past or not is to be ensured.
12) Family history as well as following documents for the to be husband need to be checked,
VISA, Passport, Social security number, previous 3 years tax return, bank account
details and property papers.

Priti Joshi

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