Priyanka’s manager recalls Bollywood biggies asking her not to work with actress

Mumbai, March 29 (IANS) Priyanka Chopra Jonas, who recently corroborated what many people knew about the power dynamics she experienced in the Hindi film industry, now her overseas manager Anjula Acharia has reacted to all the uproar caused by the actress’s revelation.
The actress had shared during a podcast that the reason behind her moving to Hollywood was because she felt she was “pushed in a corner by the industry collectively”.
Anjula took to Twitter to reply to a fan page and talked about the noise that ‘naysayers’ make.
The Twitter user wrote: “Since #PriyankaChopra has finally spoken up, I would request everyone to read on of Anjula Acharia (PC’s US manager)’s interview where she tells how when she signed PC for the talent deal, a group of Bollywood folks including a director producer and some actors bitched about PC and tried convincing her from not working for her as according to them she was a talentless actor with no potential in the US, and that she would suffer massive losses. Anjula mentioned she went back with tears in her eyes.”
Anjula had told Forbes back in 2021 that how a Bollywood director-producer and some members of the fraternity advised her against signing with Priyanka.
Replying to the tweet, Anjula tweeted, “Naysayers are just noise! You have to tune it out @priyankachopra is undeniable and we proved them all wrong :))) I knew she would be a global star the first time I saw her on TV.”

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