PM’s ’10 Noble Commitments’ for BRICS members to achieve global transformation


* Creating a Safer World – By organized and coordinated action on three issues: Counter-terrorism, Cyber-security and Disaster Management.
* Creating a Greener World – By taking concerted action on countering climate change through initiatives such as the International Solar Alliance.
*Creating an Enabled World – By sharing and deploying suitable technologies to enhance efficiency, economy and effectiveness.
* Creating an Inclusive World – By economic mainstreaming of our people including in the banking and financial system.
* Creating a Digital World – By bridging the digital divide within and outside our economies.
* Creating a Skilled World – By giving future-ready shills to millions of our youth.
* Creating a Healthier World – By cooperating in research and development to eradicate diseases, and enabling affordable healthcare for all.
* Creating an Equitable World – By providing equality of opportunity to all, particularly through gender equality.
* Creating a Connected World – By enabling free flow of goods, people and services.
* Creating a Harmonious World – by promoting ideologies, practices and heritage that are centered on peaceful coexistence and living in harmony with nature.

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