PM Modi’s Antyodaya vision presented in front of G20 countries, says Goyal

PM Modi’s Antyodaya vision presented in front of G20 countries, says Goyal. — IANS

Jaipur, Aug 24 (IANS) Union minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’ vision of Antyodaya was presented in front of the G20 countries and a detailed discussion was held on issues such as how trade can be promoted at the international level, how developing countries can contribute to world trade, how MSMEs can be promoted and how WTO can be strengthened by bringing in changes in legal issues so that it becomes beneficial for all countries.

There was a discussion on how trade becomes a force for global good, he added. “PM Modi’ Antyodaya’ vision has been presented on a global platform and India advised that the last man in society should get the nation’s resources. These resources should be dedicated for the welfare of the person standing at the bottom of the pyramid. World resources should also be viewed with the same lens and the less privileged and marginalised sections of society and less developed and developing nations have first right on the resources of the world. This feeling and view has been presented in front of the world and I am confident that in future as PM takes India towards the path of becoming a developed nation…in the same way, India has dedicated this feeling to the world that it should push trade in this direction,” said Goyal.

He added that India will continue to be a leader for the less developed countries. Under Modi, India has become a voice of global nations. It is for the first time that the less developed countries have been invited for G20. Mauritius, Bangladesh and Oman are friendly nations. India for the first time has taken the initiative that the stand of those countries whose voice is not strong also makes a difference now, he added.

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