PM Modi travelled extensively in US even before joining active politics, here is how

Vellore: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a public meeting ahead of Lok Sabha polls, in Vellore, Wednesday, April 10, 2024.(IANS/

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking about his keenness to travel abroad and long association with the Indian diaspora, revealed on Wednesday that he had explored 29 states of the United States of America (USA) even before becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

PM Modi, in an exclusive interview with Newsweek, said that he planned his travels meticulously and would often use a map while the Indian diaspora in the US would often assist him in exploring different locations.

Notably, PM Modi featured on the Newsweek cover and he is the second Prime Minister after Indira Gandhi to get such a projection on the global news magazine.

“My association with our diaspora goes a long way back, even before I came into politics. I have been involved with our diaspora since the time I was doing social work,” PM told Newsweek.

PM Modi told the weekly that he used the services of Delta Airlines to get ‘unlimited monthly discounts’ during his travel and would often travel with Indian community members, which in turn helped him in ‘building connect with the diaspora’.

“There used to be a scheme from Delta Airlines which offered unlimited discounted travel for a month. However, there would be no luggage allowed and no reservation of seats. I would take red-eye flights to ensure seat availability and opt for longer flights to avoid the need for hotel stays,” PM Modi told the magazine.

“In the morning, someone from the diaspora would pick me up, and I would spend the whole day with the community. This way, I observed them closely and got to know them well over time,” he further said.

Showing praise on the diaspora for India’s rising prominence in the world, PM Modi said that their success has become a global talking point today and they are acting as ‘our ambassadors across the world’.

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