PM Modi targets opposition over farm laws, says another source of black money has ended

New Delhi [India], September 29 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday made a strong attack on the Congress and other opposition parties over their opposition to agriculture laws, saying some people are not able to “tolerate freedom to farmers as one more source of black money has ended”.
The Prime Minister, who inaugurated six mega development projects in Uttarakhand under the Namami Gange Mission today through video conference, also attacked the Nehru-Gandhi family over the opposition to the three new laws relating to agriculture, saying that “one party whose four generations of a family ruled the country, is now riding on other’s shoulders and getting works in the interest of country opposed for its own self-interest.” He said Congress and some other opposition parties have been opposing every reform and various initiatives of the government.
He said questions were raised and there was opposition to government’s initiatives such as Digital India campaign, Jan Dhan Yojana, GST, one rank one pension Rafale jet fighter deal, surgical strike, International Day of Yoga, 10 per cent reservation to backwards among upper castes and the Statue of Unity.
The Prime Minister said that big reforms relating to farmers and labourers were done in the monsoon session of parliament that ended earlier this month.
“These reforms will empower the worker, the youth, the women, the farmers. But the country today is seeing that some people are opposing them for the sake of opposition,” he said.
He said farmers were liberated from several constraints and they can sell their produce to anyone, anywhere.
“Today when the government is giving rights to farmers, these people have resorted to opposition. They want that the farmer should not be able to sell his produce in the open. They want his vehicles should be seized and penalities imposed and middlemen keep earning by purchasing the produce at low price. They are opposing the freedom to the farmer. The instruments, the objects that a farmer worships, they are burning them to insult the farmer,” he said.
He accused the opposition parties of trying to misguide farmers over minimum support price (MSP), saying “there will be MSP in the country as also freedom to farmers to sell their produce”.
“Some people are not able to digest this freedom. Another source of their black money has ended and that is why they are rattled,” PM Modi said.
Attacking the opposition, he said, “they are not with farmer, youth or soldier.”
Without naming the Congress-led governments, he said nothing was done to empower the Air Force for decades and when there was government-to-government contract for Rafale fighter jets, “they started feeling uneasy again”.
Referring to surgical strikes carried out four years ago across the LoC on terror launch pads, the Prime Minister said that “these people were asking for proof instead of praising the soldiers”.
“They have made their intentions clear. It has become a kind of habit to oppose everything that is happening in the country. To oppose is the only way of their politics,” he said.
The Prime Minister said that there was even opposition concerning International Day of Yoga.
PM Modi said they also opposed the unveiling of Statue of Unity and no senior opposition leader has so far visited the statue. “Why, because they have to oppose,” he said.
He alleged that there was political opposition to the construction of Ram Temple in the Supreme Court and there were reservations over “bhoomi pujan”. “These people who oppose for sake of opposition with every changing date, they are becoming irrelevant for the society, for the country. This is the reason for unease, dejection, disappointment,” he said.
PM Modi said there are parties in India who have spent all their years in opposition but never acted against the interests of the country.
“But some people have been in opposition only for a few years. What is their behavior, attitude, the country is seeing it, understanding it,” he said.
“In this politics of self-interest, the process of reforms for Atmanirbhar Bharat, the process to improve country’s resources and the campaign to remove poverty is for making the country powerful and it will continue,” he said.

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