PM Modi changed direction of India’s politics from nepotism to development, says Nadda

New Delhi [India], March 10 (ANI): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national president JP Nadda on Thursday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed the direction of the country’s politics from ‘Bhai-Bhatijawad’ (nepotism) to politics of development.
Addressing BJP karyakartas on the party’s massive victory in Assembly Elections in four states, Nadda said, “In Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi has been blessed for the fourth time consecutively. 2014 Lok Sabha, 2017 Vidha Sabha, 2019 Lok Sabha and now, in 2022 Vidhan Sabha elections. The results that we have got today indicate a new political direction for India under the leadership of PM Modi.” “PM Modi worked for the underprivileged. PM Modi changed the country’s politics from ‘Bhai-Bhatijawad’ to politics of development. We won Manipur and Uttarakhand. Our workers worked hard for this victory. We will continue this effort for the 2024 general elections,” Nadda added.
The BJP chief said this is for the first time in 37 years that a party is forming the government after serving its term in Uttar Pradesh.
“The election results have put a stamp on the schemes launched by PM Modi. People have continuously voted for BJP. Since 2014 people are blessing BJP. This is the first time that a Chief Minister came into power again in UP. We’re making a hat-trick in Goa. Our vote share, too, has increased,” said Nadda.
He further said that in Manipur, we are set to form a government with a clear majority, and in Goa also BJP will form the government a third time consecutively.
“Elections isn’t just arithmetic, it is chemistry. The poor and needy people, the women, the youth, the backward classes of India are all strengthening their chemistry with PM Modi,” he said.
Nadda said that the people who have been standing at the last step of the societal ladder have been empowered by PM Modi and his welfare policies.
‘In Uttarakhand, since the state was formed, the government have changed every election. However, this time, for the first time in the state’s history, the state has voted for us to continue,” he added.
Talking about the victory in Assam Municipal Elections, Nadda said in Assam BJP won in 77 boards out of 80.
“Today is the politics of development. Today there is politics of empowerment of women, youth, farmers, poor,” he said.
He said that Prime Minister has changed the culture of politics in India. Now elections are fought on the basis of report card politics, he added.
“When an ordinary person is empowered through public welfare schemes, that ordinary person presses the button on the lotus symbol in the election,” he added.
The BJP is en route to form government in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand while the party is leading in Goa and Manipur. Congress which was in power in Punjab has lost the state to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

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