PM attacks Rahul Gandhi for ‘all Modi’s are thieves’ remark

Korba/Bhatapara, Apr 16 (PTI) Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday slammed Congress president Rahul Gandhi for his “chowkidar chor hai” barb, and said anyone challenging the “family” and “dynasty” faces abuse.
Addressing poll rallies in Chhattisgarh, Modi said surgical and air strikes against Pakistan and demonstration of India’s anti-satellite missile capability were all possible only because of the strength of people’s vote.
Addressing a poll rally at Bhatapara in Balodabazar district, he said the anti-BJP alliance has lost its sleep after seeing a “wave” in favor of the saffron party.
“The Congress and its `mahamilavati’ (adulterated) friends have lost their sleep after seeing a wave in favor of the BJP in the entire country and in frustration they are hurling abuses at me. People of the country are seeing this,” he said.
“As soon as they (the Congress and opposition parties) will come to know the strength of crowd in my rally today, they will start abusing more, he said.
Modi said, “They are saying whosoever has Modi in their names are thieves. What kind of politics is this? They have branded an entire community as thief that too only to get applause and to insult your chowkidar (watchman).”
“This is the sultanate mentality which sees every exploited and neglected person as a slave. Today `naamdar’ is abusing Modi and tomorrow they will abuse tribals and later everyone else.
“They make fun of dressing style of tribals. Whosoever challenges their family and dynasty, faces abuses from them,” Modi said.
In his speeches, the PM has been describing Gandhi as a `naamdar’ (dynast).
“The Sahu community in Gujarat is called Modi and Rathore in Rajasthan. I am stunned…which kind of language they are using? Are all Modis thieves,” he asked. “The truth is that when they abuse backward class people and tribals, they do not look into their own position,” he added.
Most members of the `naamdar’ family are out on bail, he said without naming the Gandhi family.
“Now they pick up chief ministers who are out on bail.
It has become their criteria for choosing a CM,” Modi said in an apparent reference to Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, who is out on bail in a sex CD case in the state.
The PM said the current Lok Sabha polls are more than just electing Members of Parliament.
“It was because of your support that I reached Delhi in 2014 and took major decisions. This time the election is not limited to just choosing a party, an MP or a government…
rather it is about building a new India,” he said.
“India has conducted surgical and air strikes across the border and launched an anti-satellite missile. India now has the capability to shoot down satellites of enemies in just three minutes. Who did all these,” Modi asked people at the rally to which they replied he did it.
However, Modi credited people for these achievements.
“Your answer is wrong. Modi did not do these things.
These were possible because of the strength of your one vote.
Because of the strength of your vote the country is emerging as a `shakti’ (power) in the world,” he said.
Earlier, addressing a rally in Korba district, Modi targeted the Congress, claiming that it was “hand in glove” with naxals.
Modi said naxal influence in the area where BJP MLA Bhima Mandavi was killed in a blast had been considerably reduced. “Why did this happen now,” he said, referring to the naxal attack which claimed Mandavi’s life.
Mandavi and four security personnel were killed last Tuesday when their convoy was attacked by naxals in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district.
“Perpetrators of violence and terror are dancing with joy after Congress manifesto assurances. Will you allow Congress to compromise on your national security,” he said.
“The Congress is encouraging naxals in Chhatisgarh,” Modi said. Encouragement to naxalism is seen in Congress manifesto which calls for scrapping of sedition law, he said.
“Congress ka haath vikas ke saath ya vinash ke saath,” he said. “Does Chhattisgarh want landmine or electricity and water pipeline,” he added.
Congress party’s poll promise to strip the army of special power has led to celebration among those forces who are engaged in spreading violence, Modi said.
Modi said the Ayushman Bharat scheme has been stopped in Chhattisgarh after the Congress government came to power in the state last year.
Similarly, the state government had stopped sending list of farmers who will be beneficiaries of the PM Kisan yojana, he said.
Modi said on May 23 when “Modi sarkar” will be re-elected, the PM Kisan yojana will be implemented and a host of other schemes for farmers would also be initiated including pension for farmers, farm labourers and small traders.

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