Place Your JVC Splash-Proof Speakers SP-AW303 In Your Bathroom

If you like listening to music while you’re taking a bath, then you must get this JVC Splash-Proof Speakers SP-AW303. This is the perfect audio device for you since it will not easily be broken down when you splash some water on it.

The JVC Splash-Proof Speakers SP-AW303 is compatible with almost all kinds of MP3 players including Apple iPod version. It is available in colors blue, pink and white, and provides an output power of 950mW (450mW + 450mW). It has a battery life of up to six hours and it is a certified IPX4.

Here are the features of the JVC Splash-Proof Speakers SP-AW303:

* Output Power: 950mW (450mW + 450mW)
* Compatibility: iPod, and other MP3 Players
* Certification: IPX4
* Plug: Mini Jack (3.5mm)
* Dimension: W128 x H170 x D65 mm
* Battery Life Span: 6 Hours

You can get this JVC Splash-Proof Speakers for about $55.65.

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