Pilot’s bearded look on campaign trail creates a buzz on social media

Jaipur, Oct 29 (IANS)
Netizens are raving over the new, bearded look donned by Rajasthan former PCC chief and deputy CM Sachin Pilot and are trying to decode the reasons behind this makeover.
Pilot unveiled the stunning matured look, complete with a beard and moustache, on the campaign trail in Madhya Pradesh, while campaigning for by-polls in the state.
His admirers were till now used to seeing their favorite leader in his characteristic, clean-shaven look.
On Tuesday and Wednesday, Pilot was in MP and addressed rallies in regions which have strong influence of his friend, Jyotiraditya Scindia, who joined the BJP earlier this year after leaving the Congress.
In many of these rallies, Pilot garnered attention wearing a colorful safa along with his bearded look, while in other rallies he was seen wearing a traditional kurta pyjama with a white gamcha.
Many of his followers are commenting on his picture terming him as ‘Rajasthan ka Sher,’ while others are tagging the look as ‘picture of the day’.
Some followers even requested Pilot to retain this look, commenting that he looks fabulous in a beard.
Going with their request, Pilot retained the look even during campaigning in Bihar on Thursday.
Meanwhile, Pilot’s makeover has left his followers and opponents trying to read a political message in the new avatar.
They are trying to recollect statements of Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot who, during the political crisis in July, said that “Being handsome and speaking good English does not mean everything in politics,” and termed his adversary as ‘nikamma’ (useless).
Pilot has always been perceived as a handsome and suave politician who has a strong fan following. His fluency in English and Hindi is yet another feature being discussed at length on social media.
Also, Pilot’s meeting with his friend Scindia at the Gwalior airport earlier this week has created a buzz in political circles.
Even during his addresses in Madhya Pradesh at Scindia-influenced districts namely Gwalior, Shivpuri, Bhind and Morena, Pilot refrained from criticising Scindia directly but ensured that he endorsed the Congress candidates in the region strongly.
A Twitter user even asked him, “I’m very big fan of you sir, but with due respect…why didn’t you say a single word for @JM_Scindia?”
Meanwhile, another follower said, “He is the man..never used any bad words, respect everyone as well as balanced politics and friendship brilliantly…love you a lot.”
‘Our Pilot,’ ‘Mhara Pilot’ and ‘Sabka Pilot,’ are some of the comments that Pilot’s new avatar elicited.

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