Pilot starts political tours amid ongoing tussle with Gehlot

By Archana Sharma
Jaipur, Aug 26 (IANS)
Amid the ongoing tussle between two Congress camps in Rajasthan, former deputy Chief Minister and ex-PCC chief Sachin Pilot has started touring different parts of the state as a part of his innovative strategy to reposition himself as a public leader, which has left rival Gehlot camp shocked and surprised.
In fact, Pilot started his tours by a show of strength at Gehlot’s home turf, Jodhpur, where a large crowd gathered to have a glimpse of thier leader. Surprisingly, senior leaders kept distance from this tour.
Also, no comment came on Pilot’ tour till the time of filing this story.
Further, Pilot who is known as a leader of eastern Rajasthan, however, this time, showed his strength in western Rajasthan to bolster his image, said a senior Congress leader from Pilot camp.
Pilot’s next stop was Alwar where again a huge crowd gathered to welcome him at different places. Sources close to Pilot said that he will continue his political tour in the next few months to show his strength to the government which he said has been intentionally delaying cabinet expansion and political appointments demanded by him to accommodate his followers.
These field trips also aim to boost confidence among voters as many senior leaders have kept themselves confined to homes avoiding going out during the pandemic. Also Pilot wants to position himself as a leader who loves to live with the masses, said a Congress worker.
In the last three days, Pilot toured Barmer, Jodhpur, rural Jaipur and Alwar which fuelled speculations if there is something big happening in Rajasthan politics after change of guard in Punjab Congress Committee.
While the promises made to Pilot camp are being delayed, this one step by Pilot to organise field tours will leave lasting impression in Rajasthan politics, said a Pilot camp worker.
In fact, Pilot speaking to IANS reiterated that he trusts the high command and steps shall be taken by the central leadership soon to address their concerns.
“We are confident that our concerns will be addressed soon as our Rajasthan in charge Ajay Maken did lend his ears to our issues,” he added.

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