People in Western India more fearful of contracting coronavirus

New Delhi, April 10 (IANS) A large number of people residing in Western India are afraid that they might contract the deadly coronavirus, which has wreaked havoc in the country, the IANS C-Voter Covid Tracker’s Index of Panic revealed on Friday.
Over 46.9 per cent people in the Western region are fearful of getting infected, even as the outbreak has claimed thousands of lives globally. Meanwhile, 60.6 per cent of people in Southern India divulged that they are not worried about the transmission of the disease.
The net outcome came out in the survey conducted from April 4 to 6. The statement, “I am afraid that either myself or someone in my family may catch coronavirus”, was put forth before the people and their answers on the pandemic were sought.
Over 45.6 per cent and 41.7 per cent of people in Eastern and Northern regions, respectively, followed West’s trail and showed panic over the incumbent situation.
Besides this, 44.7 per cent people living in urban areas are afraid of contracting the virus, whereas 56.9 per cent of people in semi-urban areas, which mostly inhabits the middle-class population, expressed similar views.
Meanwhile, the global death toll from the dreaded virus is inching closer to the one lakh mark. In India, the number of cases has surged past 6,000, while over 200 people succumbed to disease so far.

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