Parents refuse to abandon child born with bulging eyes labeled ‘alien’ by locals

New Delhi: Life can be difficult for children born with physical deformities and they need all the support they can get from family members as well as society for a normal, healthy life. But while loved ones do stand by kids suffering from disorders, prejudice and cruel insensitivity on part of the society makes life worse for them.
A couple from Aligarh were heartbroken to find out that their child was born with bulging eyes, no ears and a hole instead of a nose, but chose to accept him as god’s will. But in a shocking display of discrimination, locals went on to label the baby boy an alien.
Villagers have been flocking to the family’s house to catch a glimpse of the boy and while the father was stunned at first, he is optimistic about raising the child. The infant has a healthy pair of limbs, weighs close to 2 kg and is breathing properly as doctors say he will probably survive.
The couple also has a two-year-old daughter and hope for a miracle so that their son can have a long life.

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