Palghar lynchings: 28 accused granted ‘default’ bail

Palghar (Maharashtra), Aug 10 (IANS) In the first such instance in the sensational Palghar lynching case, 28 arrested accused, whose names do not figure in the CID charge sheet filed in July, were granted bail on Monday though only some of them will be released, a lawyer said.
Dahanu Court Judicial Magistrate M.V. Jawale granted bail on a bond of Rs 30,000 each to the accused whose names figure on the CID remand application.
“This is default bail since the names of these accused are not mentioned in the charge sheet. I shall be filing the bail applications of a few other accused against whom there are less serious charges before the Thane Sessions Court this week,” defence lawyer Amrut Adhikari told IANS.
However, of these 28, only 10 will be freed since the remaining 18 also figure in the third CID charge sheet filed on August 6 before the Dahanu court.
Adhikari pointed out that though these accused are named in the CID remand application, they are not named in the charge sheet, and have been in custody for more than 90 days, making it a case of “illegal detention” and hence, they had the right to seek bail.

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