Pakistan on brink of Sri Lanka-like crisis: Imran

Islamabad, July 24 (IANS) Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan warned that his country was not far from a Sri Lanka-like situation and people will soon pour out into the streets against the mafias loot and plunder.
Expressing his views and concerns, the PTI chairman tweeted: “I can say with certainty after my interaction with our nation and their response to my call for ‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ that the people of Pakistan had enough and will not allow these mafias to continue their loot and plunder.
“We are not far from the Sri Lanka moment when our public pours out into the streets. My question is: How long will state institutions continue to allow this while in just over three months Zardari-Sharifs’ mafia has brought the country to its knees politically and economically; simply to save their illegally accumulated wealth amassed over 30 years of plundering Pakistan.”
A day after the federal cabinet approved an ordinance pertaining to the sale of national assets in a bid to overcome the economic crisis faced by the country, Khan opposed the legislation and said the “thieves” should not be allowed to sell the assets, Dawn reported.
On his Twitter account, the former Prime Minister said: “How can imported government brought to power through US conspiracy, led by ‘crime minister’, whose family along with Zardari have volumes written on their corruption, be trusted with the sale of national assets and that too through bypassing all procedural and legal checks.
“These people have been plundering Pakistan for the last 30 years and are now responsible for the present economic meltdown. These thieves should never be allowed to sell our national assets in the devious manner they are attempting. The nation will never trust them with our national assets.”

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