Pakistan Navy makes Indian fishermen shout ‘Pakistan Zindabad’

Kochi: While the Indian Navy is known for its role as a mid-sea saviour, extending emergency support to sailors in distress, the Pakistan Navy is known for its haughtiness. A group of 12 fishermen from Kochi had a taste of Pak navymen’s unabashed arrogance recently as they got stranded around 300 nautical miles off the Yemeni coast due to a snag in the boat.
Responding to a distress call, the Pak Navy helped the fishermen repair the boat, but made them shout ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ as a token of gratitude for their magnanimity. The incident, which occurred on April 27, has ruffled feathers at the high echelons of security agencies. Officers from the intelligence agencies have recorded the statements of the 12 fishermen.
The 12 fishermen on board St Mary, a long line fishing vessel, had set off from Thoppumpady fishing harbour on April 14. The fishermen hailed from Colachel and Nagapattinam areas in Tamil Nadu. The boat was accompanied by two other boats Johan and Maries.
On April 15, the boat developed a technical snag. However, the crew of St Mary were confident of repairing the boat and the other two boats continued their voyage.
However, all efforts to repair the boat proved futile and it started drifting towards Yemen Coast. Though several vessels responded to the distress call, none could help repair the engine. A Keralite in a tanker vessel also responded to the distress call and reported the matter to a church in Colachel.
On April 27, Pakistan naval frigate PNS Alamgir responded to the distress call. They provided food, water and medical aid to the fishermen and repaired the engine. They dismantled the engine, took it on board PNS Alamgir and rectified the problem. However, the fishermen were surprised as the Pak navymen asked the fishermen to shout ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ after repairing the engine. “The fishermen in their statement said the Pak navy men asked them to shout the slogan in return for the assistance provided by the navy. Also, the videos of Indian fishermen hailing Pakistan was broadcasted by Pakistan TV,” a Special Branch officer said.
PNS Alamgir was previously operated by US Navy as USS McInerney. Commissioned by the US Navy in 1970, it was handed over to the Pakistan Navy in 2010.

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