Pakistan briefs P-5 envoys on its dossier against India

Islamabad, Nov 17 (IANS)
Duplicitous Pakistan true to its strategic imperative is gearing up to submit its dossier, which it claims has irrefutable proof against Indias involvement in terrorism at the UN and is working up its diplomatic engagement to build its case with the permanent members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) through briefings.
Constantly portraying itself as a victim on the world stage instead of a haven for state sponsored terrorists, its empty arguments are finding no buyers in the west.
In a latest, Pakistan’s Foreign Secretary briefed the P-5 members of the UNSC about the dossier on “state sponsored terrorism by India”.
“The envoys were apprised of India’s involvement in planning, promoting, aiding, abetting, financing and execution of terrorist activities in Pakistan,” said a statement issued by the Foreign Office.
“The dossiers containing irrefutable evidence of India’s state sponsorship of terrorism against Pakistan were handed over to them,” it added.
The Foreign Office also rejected the denial of the evidences by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
“Fully exposed, India has typically resorted to sophistry, obfuscation and re-fabrication. Bland denials and regurgitation of old litany of charges, however, will not change facts,” it said in the statement.
The MEA has rejected Pakistan’s dossier, calling it a “figment of imagination” and an attempt to divert attention from country’s internal political and economic problems.
Earlier, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Director General (DG) Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) presented proof of what they called as irrefutable evidence of Indian involvement in terrorism in Pakistan.
“The dossier presented by Pakistan extensively documents India’s active planning, promoting, aiding, abetting, financing and execution of terrorist activities against Pakistan,” said Foreign Minister Qureshi.
“The direct economic losses have been upward of US$126 billion. As a result of India’s sponsorship of terrorism, from across our borders, Pakistan continues to suffer immensely”, he added.
Qureshi said that while India is spreading terrorism in Pakistan, it “mischievously masqueraded as a victim of terrorism”.
“India has instead acted as the victim of terrorism and sought to mislead the world by hypocritically levelling terror allegations against Pakistan,” he said.
“It has also conducted false flag operation in IIOJK (Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir) and inside India to malign Pakistan. That facade has now been removed and the world can see the real face of India, one blackened by its decades-long state-terrorism in IIOJK and state-sponsored terrorism and destabilization efforts in Pakistan.”
Qureshi also said that the case of KulbhushanJadhav, who he said was caught red handed in March 2016, was the undeniable face of New Delhi’s agenda against Pakistan.
Pakistan aims to build its case with the global community with an intent to present its dossier at the UN in the coming days.

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