Pak wants Modi to remain PM so that fundamentalism can be

Kolkata, Apr 26 (PTI) CPI-M general secretary Sitaram Yechury Friday said that Pakistan wants Narendra Modi to remain prime minister because it wants Hindu communalism to grow in India so that Muslim fundamentalism can be stronger in that country.
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had told foreign journalists in Islamabad a day before the beginning of the parliamentary election that there may be better chance of peace talks with India and settling of the Kashmir issue if BJP wins.
Pakistan wants Modi to win. Just a day before the elections started on April 11 Imran Khan had said that ….
Then who is the friend of Pakistan and who is the enemy ? Modi in all his campaigns has been saying that Pakistan is afraid of him.
“But the truth is that Pakistan wants him to be the PM because the logic is – stronger the Hindu communalism in India, stronger the Muslim fundamentalism in Pakistan. They feed each other, Yechury said hinting at a nexus between Modi and the Pakistani government.
Yechury, who was speaking to reporters at the party office here, said that the situation is “exactly” similar in West Bengal.
“This is exactly what is happening in West Bengal.
There is a nexus between the TMC and the BJP. Competitive communalism feeds each other and grows at each other’s expense and it suits both TMC and BJP … It helps them to give an impression that the fight between the two parties is on. But it is leading to a situation in Bengal in which actual issues of the people are being brushed aside,” he said.
The CPI-M leader also alleged that Modi and other BJP leaders are openly invoking the Armed forces in order to garner votes in violation of the Election Commissions very specific instructions on the issue.
“The EC must set its record straight and give confidence to the people that it is impartial and ensure free and fair elections,” he said.
On West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gifting Modi kurta and sweets, Yechury said, Banerjee said that it was courtesy. My point is why is there so much of secrecy.
Yes, we do it occasionally. Kusti and dosti (wrestling and friendship) that’s the point … Is there some game plan going on ?
“Friendship in Bengal and fight in Delhi is not going to work anymore,” he added.

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