Pak minister gets electric shock while attacking Modi

Islamabad, Aug 30 (IANS) Pakistan Railway Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed got an electric shock from the mike while launching a broadside against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Kashmir.
In a video which has gone viral on social media, Ahmed, addressing a gathering at his Rawalpindi residence ‘Lal Haveli’ to express his country’s solidarity with the Kashmiri people in the government-organised ‘Kashmir Hour’ on Friday, says: “Hum tumhari Modi niyaton se vaqif hain (we are aware of your intentions, Narendra Modi).”
“Tumhara ras kas.. Oi current lag gaya!” he says with a violent jerk of his hand on getting the electric shock.
He then composes himself to continue. “Khair koi baat nahi, koi baat nahi..” he says laughingly, and proceeds to hold the mike with a piece of cloth.
“Modi is jalse ko nakaam nahi kar sakta (Modi cannot foil this meeting),” he says to laughter all around.
Two days ago, the Railway Minister predicted a full-blown war between Pakistan and India in the months of October and November. Addressing an event in Rawalpindi, Ahmed said that this will be the last war between the two nations, and added that he is on the path to prepare for this war.
Bilateral tensions between India and Pakistan have escalated since India abrogated special status for Jammu and Kashmir on August 5. Pakistan has termed the move an act of “annexation”.

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