PajamaJeans? The next level of lazy fashion!

There’s something new this season that would make you dump all your regular pants. PajamaJeans a sweatpant-jean hybrid whose infomercial has racked up more than 500,000 views on YouTube.

According to Pajama-, this comfortable wear is made with “DormiSoft” fabric, a “propriety blend of cotton and spandex.” The bottom-coverers set themselves apart from their drawstring-waist, elastic-cuffs cousin with contrast stitching and rivets that make them “look like they were made by some European designer,” reports ABC News.

PajamaJeans also come with a mantra: “So amazingly comfortable, you’ll want to sleep in them!”

“It’s the next level of lazy fashion. It’s taking that velvet sweatsuit to the umpteenth degree. I mean, really, are we just that lazy that we can’t wear jeans anymore?” said Phillip Bloch, a stylist and author of “The Shopping Diet.”

According to market research firm The NPD Group, active wear, which includes leggings, sweatpants, leggings/sweatpants that look like jeans and, therefore, PajamaJeans is a $25-billion business in the US.

“The American consumer has become so casual that, and I’m not joking about this, the only way to get more comfortable is to wear pajamas to work,” said Marshal Cohen, NPD’s chief industry analyst.

“If you hung this product in a store, they would just look like leggings or sweatpants hanging on a rack. You’re not going to get any shelf appeal. What has to happen is the story has to pre-sell the product. Rather than sell to the retailer, it’s all about trying to creatively market to the consumer,” he added.

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