Outrage after Taliban removes Afghan national flag colours from NRT logo

Kabul, March 21 (IANS) The removal of Afghanistans national flag colours from the logo of National Radio Television (NRT) has sparked strong public reaction, Pajhwok News reported.
In line with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) leadership direction, the national flag colours had been removed from NRT logo and replaced with white colours that represent the IEA flag’s colour.
The IEA leadership also objected to Arabic style clothing of some newscasters and urged the use of Afghani style outfits.
After the IEA letter, the national flag’s three brand colours were removed from the NRT logo and replaced with white colour, sparking public outrage and anger.
Former NRT Director Mohammad Ismael Miakhel said, “Taliban converted Afghanistan into the cemetery of values and customs, today they removed the national flag from NRT logo and tomorrow they will remove it from the Cricket Board. Taliban damages themselves by doing so,” the report said.
Former Nangarhar Governor, Zia Ul Haq Amarkhel, wrote on his Facebook page, “The government should select priorities and refrain from action that causes a gap between government and masses and harms national unity. In fact, the national flag doesn’t belong to any specific party but it represents the entire Afghan nation and all are bound to respect and protect it.”

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