OTT series ‘Dancing On The Grave’ to tell story of Shakereh Khaleeli murder case

Mumbai, April 17 (IANS) The upcoming streaming series ‘Dancing On The Grave’ will unravel the murder mystery of real estate developer, Shakereh Khaleeli. Woven together through archival footage, news clippings, interviews and dramatisations, the true-crime docu-series delves into the sudden disappearance and grisly murder of Shakereh Khaleeli, a well-known and wealthy heiress from a respected family.
The gruesome murder was committed by her own husband, who buried her remains in her own house and evaded the legal procedure for close to three years as he maintained that his wife was on a perpetual holiday.
In May 1994, the police of Karnataka uncovered the skeletal remains of Shakereh’s body buried deep in the courtyard of her own house. It’s stated in records that she had been alive while she was buried as her hands were found clutching the mattress in the coffin in which she was buried.
The four-part docu-series investigates the mysterious murder through exclusive interviews of the key personnel in the events as well as by some who were at peripheries. It also features the perpetrator himself and goes beyond the already known facts about the event, digging deep into the murder that shook the nation, almost 30 years ago.
Produced by India Today Originals Production, written and directed by Patrick Graham, and co-written by Kanishka Singh Deo, ‘Dancing On The Grave’ will premiere in India on April 21 on Prime Video.

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