Opt for ‘sustainable’ Diwali fashion


New Delhi, Nov 13 (IANSlife) Style plays a major role in helping people express their mood and showcase their personality. The festive season is signified by bright colors with hues and accents of gold. While comfortable clothing has been the preferred choice this year due to work from home; the festive season is expected to bring back bright colors and beautiful outfits. The pandemic has also given rise to conscious consumerism, wherein customers are more aware of their choices and the impact that they have on the environment.
The fashion Industry globally produces hefty amount of greenhouse emissions every year. One of the reasons for this is that the vast majority of our beloved clothes are petroleum-based and made from fossil fuels. These materials require significantly more energy in the production phase and have a long degradation period, which is harmful for the environment.
Nelson Jaffery, Head of Design, Liva recommends opting for sustainable natural fabrics like viscose and modal. These fabrics offer flattering drapes, beautiful color selection and are environment-friendly.

We have listed down some trendy outfit ideas for the festive season:

1.Cropped waist coat with a Glitter Saree

Opt for a viscose based glitter saree and pair it with a plain black or white waist coat. This trendy yet fashionable look has been sported by many fashion bloggers and is definitely not for the faint of heart. You can also add a gota belt to the waist to add some structure.

2. Jeans drapped with a Saree

This sounds a little out there, but take your favorite pair of boyfriend jeans and pleat your saree and tuck it at the front. Take the remaining fabric around your back and bring it to the front to complete the saree drape. If you want opt for a sustainable denim option, Spykar Lifestyles offers denims which boast of the lowest water usage during production in the country.

3. Sharara for the festive season!

Shararas have been very trendy this festive season. This fashionably safe yet stylish look is a great option! Opt for colors like bright yellow, pistachio green or pink to feel extra festive. Pick out materials that have some gold accents! Your make up also plays a key role too; “try a holographic glitter liner that makes the eye look like a reflection of water. The colors intertwine well to form a beautiful and graceful look when paired with the outfit,” suggests Priya Sureka, Creative Make Up Expert at Enrich Salons.
Dr. Maureen Lobo, Dean – Academics ITM-IDM further adds, “Sustainability is the buzz word today as we are all concerned about the future of our planet and what the future holds for the generations to come. It’s important to “green” your wardrobe, believing in slow fashion.”
Celebrate this Diwali by dressing up for the virtual get together. The fabrics used for the clothes should be for a cleaner and sustainable future.

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