Oprah Winfrey’s Fundraiser accused of being a sham

Oprah Winfrey’s Fundraiser accused of being a sham. — IANS

Los Angeles, Sep 5 (IANS) Oprah Winfrey had earlier donated a huge sum to the Maui Wildire Fundraiser started by her and Dwayne Johnson. However, since then the reality star has been accused of hiring a private security team to her Hawaii estate, while calling her Fundraiser a ‘sham’.

A widely shared TikTok video on X (formerly Twitter) claims that Winfrey hired the team before the fires even started with the person saying: “Instead of taking some of that land and housing even a small portion of those displaced people, you hired a private security team to keep them off your land.”

The user also went on to add: “You are so concerned about Maui, that you are asking the American public, most of whom can’t pay their rent right now to donate the money to your fundraiser, instead of actively donating that money and helping.”

The netizen further went on to add that, Winfrey was doing it all to score ‘social media points’, when she and a couple of her billionaire friends were capable of sending out money which could mix the issue, in a matter of months.

Since then, the whole news has gone viral on social media, with man netizens slamming the star and slamming her for her bigotry.

One user on X slammed the reality star, saying: “Oh, so on one hand you start a so-called ‘Fund Raiser’ and on the other just focus on your house!!”

Another person wrote: “You first start a f****** fundraiser, and then instead of giving the so called millions, you have actually done pretty much nothing. You entitled piece of !”

Another netizen did a fact check and found out that so far, her fundraiser where she and Johnson had collectively donated $10 million, had in fact never reached the people and as of now only had gotten $4000, showing that “people are actually waking up to the ”.

The unexpected wildfires had devastated the area of Maui, in the American island state of Hawaii back in August, with several Hollywood stars such as Jason Mamoa actively warning people from going there until the crisis had been resolved.

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