Opposition still unable to understand what happened: Imran Khan

Islamabad, April 3 (IANS) After successfully evading the Opposition’s no-confidence motion citing a foreign conspiracy and asking the President to dissolve the National Assembly on Sunday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan poked fun at the Opposition while talking to party leaders, media reports said.
“The Opposition is still unable to understand what happened today.
“Last night, you all were trying not to panic. The Opposition is clueless about the situation right now. If I had disclosed what I was about to do yesterday, they wouldn’t have been shocked,” a laughing Imran Khan said, Geo News reported.
He said that during the meeting of the National Security Committee, which was attended by the army chief as well as the chiefs of all other services, the “threatening letter” that the Ambassador of Pakistan had received was produced.
“The meeting reviewed and debated on the letter, and it was concluded that the letter was, indeed, threatening,” he said.
Referring to the turncoats, the Premier said that they used to hold meetings with the Ambassadors of other countries on a regular basis.
“What was their business talking to foreign diplomats?” he asked. “The no-confidence motion was a foreign conspiracy. It was all connected.”
“I remind you all, ghabrana nahi hai (do not panic),” the PM said.

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