‘Operation SHIELD’ on in Delhi’s containment zones: Kejriwal

New Delhi, April 9 (IANS) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday said the government is running “Operation SHIELD” at 21 “containment zones” to protect the people from coronavirus.
Explaining the acronym ‘SHIELD’, he said it stands for “sealed, home quarantine, isolation and tracing, essential supply, local sanitation, and door-to-door checking for symptoms”.
Kejriwal appealed to people from the containment areas to cooperate with the government.
“I appeal to all living in the containment areas to cooperate with the Delhi government’s Operation SHIELD. These are strict measures but are necessary to protect you and others from COVID-19.”
He said the Operation SHIELD is running in 21 localities of Delhi to contain COVID-19 and protect citizens.
“After a positive COVID case is found, we seal an area following geographical marking. The area is under SHIELD — sealed, home quarantine, isolation and tracing, essential supply, local sanitation, door-to-door checking for symptoms.”
He said the people have to stay inside their homes and the government ensures the door-to-door delivery of essential services.
The government, meanwhile, does tracing of the movement of the patient and sanitises the area. Door to door health checkups are also done.
Kejriwal also said that masks have been made compulsory in the city.
“From yesterday, we made masks compulsory. Initially, it was felt that only those with virus infection should wear the mask, But now it has changed. Learning from other countries, we have also made masks compulsory.”
He also said that people need not rush to the markets for the masks.
“You don’t need to buy a mask from the market. You can use a handkerchief or clean cloth to cover your nose and mouth. This will help in controlling the spreading of the infection.”
He also said that the taxes collected by the government are badly affected since no activity is taking place.
“With no activity happening, the taxes are not generated. We need to cut our expenses on a huge basis. In this difficult time, all need to compromise on their levels.”
He also urged people to not panic for ration as there is enough supply.
“We are giving ration even to those who do not have ration cards. I got to know it has created some troubles. Teachers and principles are distributing the ration. I want to thank them. People should have faith that they will get the ration.”
Delhi has reported more than 650 positive cases of coronavirus so far.

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