Om and yoga are integral part of Hinduism


By Gopala Pillai Detroit, MI: This has reference to the article — The theft of yoga – by Aseen Shukla, published in India Tribune dated May 22. Kudos to Aseen Shukla for writing such a forceful, truthful and commonsense article about Hinduism and yoga. There is nothing to debate about his views. Yet people want to distort it for selfish motives. You may note that the same topic is catching up as a debate in some mainstream newspapers. Readers are encouraged to refer to them through the Internet. Om and yoga are integral part of Hinduism. Yet, people are trying to separate all the three so that they can use it as a money/ fame making instrument. The concept of God in Hinduism is all encompassing —Poojyam and Poornam. So it doesn’t leave out any thing as Krishna shows Vishwa-roopam to Arjuna. So other religions and other systems want to distance away for fear of being engulfed by this Aaadi-Madhy-Antha-Rehitha concept. We can understand their fear. Aseen Shukla did a wonderful job by writing such an eye-opining article.

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