Offbeat experiences in desi locales

New Delhi, Dec 19 (IANSlife) One-of-a-kind activities designed and hosted by locals gives you a feel of the destination like nothing else can. Airbnb Experiences go beyond the activities themselves and offer a deep-dive into the local host’s world through their passion. Hosts offer their guests special knowledge, unique skills, and inside access to local places and communities that guests couldn’t find on their own, creating lasting connections and treasured memories.
Hilloferry – A guided Bike Ride in Dharamshala
Experience the joy of riding a mountain bike amidst beautiful views of Dhauladhar ranges, enjoy sight-seeing, cherish the nature closely and explore hidden treasures. One will be provided with a well-equipped mountain bike, suitable costume for cycling and helmet for safety. Witness beautiful landscapes close to nature and beautiful tea gardens!
Colonial Walking tour in Pondicherry in Puducherry
The Colonial Walking tour has been created to give tourists the real French colonial experience in the Pondicherry. France is still in the food, the architecture, the games of boules played by local Tamils and the language French is spoken widely in the city. Know more about local history, food, festivals, customs, street names, connections with French with this mind blowing experience.
Himalayan village hike & Nepali lunch in Kalimpong
These handpicked walks will take you through the adjoining villages and introduce you to the rural, rustic and peaceful life beyond the hustle-bustle of cities. You get to interact with the local communities and gain tremendous traditional knowledge on their lifestyle, history, culture besides learning more about the flora and fauna of the surrounding landscape. The walks are of different levels of difficulty, from easy to moderate, and can be tuned to your needs and preference. You will be served with a sumptuous Nepali vegetarian lunch prepared just for you using fresh local produce. Kalimpong coffee or Darjeeling tea will follow before you make your journey back.
Dessert Safari in Bengaluru
In this 3 hour tour, you will be taken around to the choicest spots in Bengaluru to sample the tastiest desserts. You will also learn about what goes into making them, the different techniques used, the different variants of the same dessert across countries and so on. This will include a walk in the alleys of Bangalore parking your sweet tooth at best desserts cafe on the way tasting both local Indian and international desserts.
Kayaking’s Sal Backwaters in Goa
This popular and celebrated excursion on flat dammed up waters, takes you on a winding journey through narrow waterways deep in the mangroves, sighting different birds, fish, otters and exotic local plants like cashew, bamboo and mango. Red and white lotus and migratory birds, make this a must do trip for all ages.
Learn Honey Beekeeping in Himalayas at Bhimtal
At Silent Valley-Alchauna, observe the sophisticated structure of bee civilization. From the guards at the hive entry, to the nurses tending the little, to the “energetic females” and “lazy males”, to the glaring elusive queen, each bee has a place inside this complex community. A memorable experience to “suit up” in a beekeeping suit, and get up close and intimate with the bees for a thrilling experience and a great photo opportunity.

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