Odisha woman donates Rs 1 lakh earned through begging to Jagannath temple

Bhubaneswar, Dec 16 (IANS) A 70-year-old woman has donated Rs 1 lakh that she earned through begging throughout her entire life, for renovation of old Jagannath temple in Phulbani in Kandhamal district of Odisha.
Tula Behera has been begging near various temples in Phulbani town for the past 40 years. Tula was married to Prafulla Behera, a physically disabled person.
The couple was begging in the town. Later, Prafulla passed away, leaving Tula alone.
As the lady does not have any near and dear ones, she has surrendered herself at the feet of Lord Jagannath.
On the occasion of Dhanu Sankranti, Tula on Friday donated all her earnings of Rs 1 lakh to the managing committee of the Jagannath temple.
“Neither have parents nor any children. Whatever money I have saved in my bank account through begging, donated to Lord Jagannath,” Tula said.
The beggar said she did not need any money as she became old and surrendered herself before Lord Jagannath. She requested the temple managing committee to utilise the money for the renovation of the old Jagannath temple in Phulbani.
“When she approached me, I was reluctant to take the money from her. But, when she insisted, we decided to accept it,” said a member of the committee.

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