OCI card and surrender certificate


By Vox Populi

Via e-mail

I read in India Tribune about a  “Passport surrender certificate camp” being held in SRS Palatine Gurdwara on March 13.

The Travisa Web site does not mention anything about the Naturalized American Citizen, who wants to apply for an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) card, who does not have the original Indian passport  and the latest Indian passport.

The OCI Surrender Certificate Application form stipulates the production of  the Indian passport number, where and  when issued, etc.  For example, I have  been a Naturalized American Citizen since 1982.  I do not know where my old Indian passport is.  I do not know the number of old Indian passport.

In my case how I can get a surrender certificate is not mentioned in Travisa Web site.  I contacted several times but they send me e-mails saying  “Please go to the Web site.”  The Web site contain no information on this.

There are many, I suppose, like me, who do not have old Indian passports and want to obtain OCI Card.  The embassy or the consulate should clarify on this situation.

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