Now Wait For Our Response: Pak

RAWALPINDI — Pakistan army has warned India to get ready for its response which it said will definitely come.
While briefing the media on Tuesday evening, the Director General Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Asif Ghafoor said that India should wait for our response that will come differently and as a surprise.
He said that India is using lying and deceit to lodge propaganda against Pakistan and there has been no attack on Pakistani soil.
Ghafoor said that Indian claim to remain in Pakistani airspace for 21 minutes is nothing but lies. He dared the Indian Air force (IAF) to come and to spend such time in Pakistan’s territory.
The DG ISPR said that ever since the Pulwama incident and threatening statements emerging from India, Pakistan Air force (PAF) has been highly alert and regularly patrolling our skies.
Major General Ghafoor said that Indian claim of killing 350 terrorists is totally false and fabricated as no debris or other destruction is found after their claimed strike. He said media will be taken to the site to show them the truth.
DG ISPR said that Indian objective was aimed at killing civilians and to claim that they killed the terrorists but they failed in their effort.

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